Internal Insemination (IUI)

Injecting the husband’s semen after it has been treated and condensed inside the wife’s uterus

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

The husband’s sperm is placed with the eggs that are withdrawn from the wife’s body

Inoculated egg fertilization (ICSI)

The Arab Center is keen to ensure that the work for treating infertility is as complete as other centers in developed countries

Embryo freezing program

The embryo freezing program, which is considered the first of its kind in Syria, was introduced due to its importance for both spouses

Discontinuation of the treatment program

The center carries out a great deal of careful work, all aimed at making the program a success and reaching the result that both spouses desire

Male infertility laboratory

An advanced laboratory for male infertility and necessary semen analyzes at the Arab Fertility Center


A sample is taken from the husband on the day in which the date of insemination is decided, after the spouses have decided to enter the IVF program

Treatment of severe male infertility

Some cases in males suffer from infertility, due to either the presence of a very small number of sperms, or the absence of any sperm in the sample

Treating retrograde ejaculation

This pathological phenomenon is found in some cases, specifically in males

Laparoscopic surgeries

The goal of the Arab Center for Fertilization and Infertility Treatment is to complete work to treat infertility in an integrated and scientific manner