Treatment of severe male infertility

Some cases in males suffer from infertility and that is either the presence of a very small number of sperms, or the absence of any sperm in the sample as a result of a disease, or the blockage of the sperm channel, and in such cases some investigations and analyzes are requested to accurately diagnose the situation. Also, the latest operations that are used in international centers to obtain sperm are applied, even if it is proven by regular analyzes that they are not present in the sample taken from the husband.
There are three methods, which are as follows:
1 – Direct withdrawal of semen at the pair from the epididymis in the testicle after applying surgery to reach the location of the sample, which is known as mesa (MESA).
2 – Withdrawal of semen from the epididymis in the husband’s way directly and without performing a surgical operation for the testicle, by inserting a special needle into the place of the epididymis in the testicle, and this method is known as PESA.
3 – Take samples from the testicle itself with the husband and take the necessary steps to obtain the necessary sperms for fertilization. This method is known as TESA.
These methods are performed by a urologist because they are considered to be both delicate and simple operations that require expertise and high technology.
Important note:
There are some diseases that may be present in the spouses and that are transmitted to the fetus through insemination, so the center will request some analyzes that are in the interest of the spouses and the center together. Among these tests, the analysis of AIDS (HIV), or hepatitis C (HBsAG), and some other tests that prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from the couple to the fetus.