Discontinuation of the treatment program

The center carries out a lot of careful work, all of which aim to make the program a success and reach the result that both spouses wish, which is the occurrence of pregnancy.
Unfortunately, there are some reasons for which the center is forced to stop treatment after it has discussed these reasons with the spouses and their understanding of such a decision, and these reasons are:
1 – Beginning the couple’s therapeutic course and stimulating the wife’s ovaries medicinally without obtaining a response to this treatment and the wife’s lack of maturation of any egg.
2 – The husband was not able to give the semen sample on time, for special reasons with the husband. When that happens, the treatment program is stopped.
3 – In the event that the spouses do not adhere to the deadlines for the implementation of treatment that the center sets for them according to a specific plan, which is one of the most important factors for the success of treatment.