Embryo freezing program

The embryo freezing program was introduced, which is the first of its kind in Syria due to its importance for both the spouses and the center, as it used to be done in the past and in any center (such a program is not implemented) the remaining embryos were destroyed after some of them were transferred to the wife because the rest of them could not be kept without subjecting them to the freezing process . The importance of this program is not to destroy such embryos that the spouses may need in the event of the failure of the first operation and the failure of pregnancy, as well as it saves effort, time and material cost for the couple and the center together.
The process of freezing embryos requires special high-tech devices and a high-precision process to implement this program, and the center was keen to introduce this program to be complementary to the rest of the work carried out by the center.
This process is summarized by removing the liquid aqueous substance inside the cells of the embryo, which is naturally present in any vital cell so that these cells do not break down during the freezing process.
When the freeze is removed when needed, these embryos are transferred to the wife’s womb in the same way as the embryo transfer that was mentioned previously, which does not require any type of anesthesia or effort.
This program is applied to the case in which a good number of eggs are obtained during activation, as well as to a large number of embryos after the fertilization process takes place; This program can be used in the following cases:
1 – When pregnancy is successful in the first time and the spouses desire to have a second pregnancy, then the spouses can use their frozen embryos without exposure to all the therapeutic stages of the stimulation cycle and other previous stages
2- If the spouses are not lucky enough to have a pregnancy the first time. Their frozen embryos can be used for transfer inside the wife’s womb.
3 – In the event that the husband is unable to be present on the day he is asked to take the semen sample for any reason, and in this case the husband gives the semen sample before the date set for conception and is kept cryo to be used when needed to fertilize his wife’s eggs.
Important Notes:
1 – The spouses are given a signed certificate of the number and type of embryos that have been frozen and the number of the bearer who has kept these embryos to remain with them as a document that can be used in the event of need for the embryos and for the spouses and the center to have the necessary assurance that no errors of any kind will occur.
2 – The frozen embryos are destroyed in the event that the marital life between the two parties does not continue or in the event of the death of one of them, God forbid.
3 – The embryo freezing process can last for five years. After that, both spouses are informed that it is necessary to destroy it because it is not suitable.