Inoculated egg fertilization (ICSI)

Arabic fertility center (AFC) is keen to ensure that the work for treating infertility is as complete as the rest of the centers in developed countries in terms of technology and application.
Accordingly, the Arab Center for Fertilization and Treatment of Infertility Hospital has introduced the first microscopic fertilization program of its kind in our beloved country and in some neighboring countries since the beginning of the work of the Arab Center for Fertility and Infertility Treatment Hospital in 1995, and this process is considered the last science reached in treating infertility, which Worldwide in 1992.
This program was introduced as a result of the need in many cases for this type of treatment, especially for men who suffer from severe infertility, or for couples whose success was not their ally despite their entry into various other types of treatment, including therapeutic tube child courses.
Microscopic insemination is defined as the injection of the husband’s sperm inside the egg and close to its nucleus. This process requires high technical capabilities, advanced devices, and elaborate laboratory work in addition to the high experience of the application.
Also, this program applies to the following cases:
1 – Extreme weakness of sperm in men, either in terms of number, shape or movement.
2 – Weakness in the man’s sperm after he has used all means of treatment, including extra-body insemination or IVF.
3 – Cases of unexplained sterility that have been subjected to all treatment methods, including in vitro fertilization, in which it has been proven that no fertilization of the egg occurred.
4 – Cases of retrograde ejaculation of semen inside the bladder.
5 – Cases that suffer from the absence of the sperm duct or as a result of blockage of these ducts.
Success rate of the IVF cycle:
The success rate reached by the Arab Center for Fertilization and Infertility Treatment Hospital is slightly higher than IVF, as it reached 35-40%, due to the high rate of fertilization of the egg and the quality of the embryonic cells formed.