Laparoscopic surgeries

The aim of the Arabic fertility center (AFC) is to complete the work to treat infertility in an integrated and scientific manner. Therefore, the Arabic fertility center (AFC) has introduced modern and advanced endoscopic surgery devices, both abdominal (laparoscopy) and vaginal (hystroscopy), and the Arabic fertility center (AFC) Infertility treatment, it performs all endoscopic operations and surgeries of both diagnostic and therapeutic types in order to be at the level of any international center based on infertility treatment.
Coordination will take place between the Arabic fertility center (AFC) and patients from inside or outside the city of Homs or in neighboring countries, in terms of dates to visit the center, medical consultations, results of analyzes and developments that occur during the treatment period, either by direct visit to the center or by phone.
We would like to mention for the second time that the Arabic fertility center (AFC) will, God willing, do its utmost for the benefit and service of the patient, and with the full scientific and moral integrity required for such actions, with our sincere wishes for all that God bless them with the most beautiful blessings of life, namely the sons.