Male infertility laboratory

A sophisticated laboratory for male infertility and necessary semen analyzes has been established at the Arabic fertility center (AFC). These analyzes are the latest in science, and they differ from the rest of the routine analyzes that are usually conducted for semen, using advanced devices and special solutions to detect some defects, if any, in the semen, especially in movement and shape, as well as to detect the presence of defects that prevent entry The sperm inside the egg when fertilization, and also to find out and prove the vitality of the sperm in some special cases, and other analyzes.

The Arabic fertility center (AFC) is the first to introduce these accurate analyzes in Syria to be at the same global level as there are laboratories that treat infertility in the world, which are used to detect defects that may be present in the semen, and from these analyzes, the fluid analysis Sperm using the Autosperm device, as well as the Krugar method to study the forms of sperm abnormalities, the immunological factors that cause sterility by the antispermanibodies (IGA-IGG), the inflammatory condition study by the lencoscreen test and other analyzes that are of great importance for accurate detection of the fluid Seminal.