A sample is taken from the husband on the day he decides the date of insemination after the couple has decided to enter the IVF program (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) or in vitro fertilization (ICSI).
Some tips to get a good semen sample:
1 – The Arabic fertility center (AFC) gives the husband a sterile container to use to place the semen, and the full name and date are written on the container, noting that the container cover is not opened until the time of starting the semen delivery process, so that the vessel does not lose sterilization.
2 – The husband must have abstained from sexual relations for a period of 3-4 days before taking the sample from him.
3 – The sample is given either at the Arabic fertility center (AFC) (which is the best way), or at home, provided that the sample is received within a period not exceeding one hour, noting that the sample is not placed in a cold place.
4 – The hands must be washed first, and then the genital area must be washed well with soap and water, provided that there is no trace of the presence of soap after washing with water.
5 – Putting the semen sample in the sterile container, taking into account that no quantity outside the container is lost.
6- Giving the sample to the laboratory in order to carry out the laboratory work necessary to prepare the sample for inoculation.