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Majd uddin Al Atassi, M.D.

The issue of infertility is one of the most important social problems facing societies around the world and as a result, research centers around the world have spent a lot of time and made a continuous effort to find the right ways to treat infertility. This type of treatment has been developed in terms of scientific theories, practical applications, and advanced devices.
Believing in the importance of treating infertility and how to develop appropriate solutions and optimal treatment for both sexes and with the latest scientifically followed methods, we had the idea of ​​establishing the Arabic fertility center (AFC)
 in the central region of Syria, which is the first center for Infertility Treatment in Syria, which was established and worked in In 1995, with the encouragement of the authorities in charge of serving our dear country,

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Sections and services

Learn about the services and departments provided by the Arabic fertility center (AFC) 

Arabic fertility center (AFC)

A team of specialists for solving the Infertility problems and Infertility Treatment

Appointment Booking

Please fill out the custom form and you will receive a response to confirm the appointment


News and activities of the Arabic fertility center (AFC)

Opinion of Fatwa and Sharia

Opinion of the fatwa and legislation regarding extra-body fertilization and the return of the fertilized egg to the wife’s womb

Request for medical advice and Consultation

We welcome you for medical consultation from all over the world

The most important characteristic of the Arabic fertility center (AFC)

High quality and experience

The Arabic fertility center (AFC) team consists of experienced doctors and experts who have been trained and gained their experience in the most famous international hospitals. We provide the best care for patients and their families in a unique environment and are committed to curative care with the highest quality standards, and we focus on communicating with patients and interacting with them, with an operational health system. It guarantees the safety and satisfaction of our patients. 

The latest technology and innovative means

The Arabic fertility center (AFC) relies on the latest technical equipment, medical devices and a technological system.
So that our team, which includes doctors from subspecialties, collaborates to provide the highest standards of integrated healthcare.

Working Hours

Saturday to Thursday 9 to 6

Emergency 24/7