about us

The issue of infertility is one of the most important social problems facing societies around the world and as a result, research centers around the world have spent a lot of time and made a continuous effort to find the right ways to treat infertility. This type of treatment has been developed in terms of scientific theories, practical applications, and advanced devices.
Because of our belief in the importance of treating infertility, how to develop appropriate solutions and optimal treatment for both sexes, and with the latest scientifically followed methods, we had the idea of ​​establishing the Arabic fertility center (AFC)
in the central region of Syria, which is the first center for treating infertility in Syria.

The central region in Syria was chosen in the city of Homs, due to the importance of its privileged location in central Syria and the neighboring countries. This center has been equipped with the latest advanced equipment and a technical medical cadre with high experience in this field to treat cases that need this, and to be at the level of global centers everywhere in the world, including the introduction of the microscopic fertilization program, which is considered the latest science in treating cases Stubborn sterility, and to have the honor of introducing the first ICSI program in Syria and some neighboring countries.
In order for those interested in getting acquainted with the center’s work, we have created this website that contains a summary of what the Arabic fertility center (AFC)  offers in terms of work and programs for treating infertility.
The center, God willing, will do its utmost to benefit and serve the patients and with the full scientific and moral integrity required for such actions, with our sincere heartfelt wishes that every couple will succeed and may God bless them with the most beautiful gift, which is the children.

Director of the Arabic fertility center (AFC)

Director of the Arabic Fertility Center (AFC) in syria Member of the American fertility society & European society of human reproduction and embryology

Dr.Majd uddin alatassi, M.D.

Consultant in obstetrics and gynecology
Graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo 1984
He holds a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology, infertility and IVF, Yale University, USA, 1994
And director of the Arabic fertility center (AFC) and Program Director of the Arabic fertility center (AFC) in Syria 1995
Member of the American and European Society of Fertility and Infertility Treatment